How Do I Access My Account?

Access My Account

How to access my account: From the Sierra ENCORE Catalog homepage, click here for: (Sierra ENCORE Catalog), you’ll first need to login. To login, enter your 14 digit barcode (no spaces) from your library card into the box labeled Library Card Number, as found in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Next press the Tab Key (not <Enter Key>) to move to the Password box below. Type your password into the box and press <Enter Key> or click <Log on to My Account>. (Tip:  Your password is whatever you have set up, if you forgot your password, see page How Do I reset My Password).
After you login click your name (upper right hand next to logout) you are now in your account and you will be able to see holds, checkouts, fines/fees, reading history, my lists, library events and ebooks.