How many Materials Do I have Checked out?

How Do I Find what Materials I have Checked Out?

From the Sierra Encore catalog, (click here for Catalog), log into your account.  To logon, enter your 14 digit barcode (no spaces) in the box labeled Library Card Number, as found in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  Then click (do not press <enter>) in the Password box below. Type your password into the box and press <enter> or click <Log on to My Account>.  (Tip:  Your password is usually 8 to 10 characters of your last name.) You are now logged on, even though the screen doesn’t give any confirmation.

Click the My Account link found on the menu bar.  Then, click Review My Account.  This will show you what you have checked out, titles that are on hold, when materials are due, and any fines you may owe.