What is Encore?

What is Encore?

Encore is an innovative new way to find materials in the library collections. It functions like a search engine, so you do not need to search by title, author or subject.

Type what you are looking for in the search box and click GO! Encore will return a list of related items. If you do not see what you are looking for, use the "Refine by" options to narrow down what you are looking for by format, subject, or library location.

What can I find in Encore?

You can search a variety of library collections including books, audio books and music, videos, digital audio books and ebooks; digital archives (manuscripts, photos and sound recordings); government documents, recent obituaries, and more.

Why can't I check my record or request items in Encore?

Encore is a finding tool to help you locate various items from among the library's many collections. At this time, the borrowing and account features are not integrated into Encore. When you want to place a request in Encore, the request link will bring you to the familiar request screens in our classic catalog. Once you have placed your request, you will need to close this window/tab to return to Encore.

Is the old library catalog going away?

No, the original online catalog is still available. You can still search it by selecting "classic catalog." If you have suggestions for improving Encore, please use the "Provide Feedback" link so that our vendor can listen to your ideas.

What advanced searches can I do in the Encore Search box?

The initial Encore search is an "and" keyword search. You do not need to add the word AND.

  • Use "quotation marks" to search for words together as one phrase.
  • Parentheses, OR, and NEAR are not recognized as search operators.

Card Catalog limiters

  • title:moby dick or t:moby dick
  • author:didion, joan or a:didion joan
  • subject:friendship or s:friendship


  • enviro* pol* will yield books on environment, environment politics, environment policy, etc.