Media Landscapes: 23 Things

Please check with your supervisor in advance for authorization if you plan to use work time to complete the Things. Policies, available opportunities, and budgets for paid time for continuing education vary across the region.

Media Landscapes: 23 Things is a self-paced professional development activity developed by Minnesota's Multitype Library Systems. It will help you:

  • Understand how people navigate the media and information landscape, and how forces within that landscape influence their navigation.

  • Learn how to build reflection and intentionality into information consumption.

  • Gain strategies for working with your community on intentional approaches to information consumption.

Media Landscapes: 23 Things is hosted on the MINITEX LEVELUP website.

Reward a member library immediately with your effort!

TdS member library staff that complete "Things" earn actual cash for a TdS member library of their choice that can be spent on new materials, programming, whatever! This opportunity has limited funding, and it is first-come, first-benefits.

Use this form to report completion of Things 1-4

Use this form to report completion of Things 5-9

We'll count up your Things and send the library an honorarium in your honor! Do one Thing or all 23. Do them in order, or mix it up. Spend the amount of time and effort on the Things that feels right to you. This is learning for you, you are free to customize it as you see fit.

Click for the excel sheet of member libraries.